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Pack with Me for Three Weeks in Europe (Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe)

We're traveling to Europe for three weeks! This trip was a long time coming but also super last minute. Jordi and I had been talking about potentially taking a trip to Europe for a while but we didn't book our flights and start planning until two weeks before! Needless to say, I am very stressed and we're going to be trip planning and getting things together until the last minute.

Since we're living in Florida where it's warm all year round, it was a bit difficult to make a cohesive capsule wardrobe for cooler weather. Thankfully, I am a big sweater collector and have gone thrifting with my sister up in Michigan (where they actually have cold weather essentials) so I was able to scrape together a small capsule that will keep me warm and looking semi- put together on our trip.

The capsule consists of:

  • two t-shirts (can be used as layering pieces or pajamas)

  • two long sleeve shirts

  • three sweaters (with varying thickness for warmer to colder weather)

  • two jackets (a fleece jacket and a leather jacket borrowed from my dad)

  • two pairs of jeans (one blue and one black)

  • one pair of joggers (for traveling and as pajamas)

  • a big scarf (can be used as a blanket)

  • a raincoat

  • a bathing suit

  • a hat

  • and a pair of sneakers

This list includes my travel uniform which you can read about here.

Not part of the capsule, I am also bringing along a pair of pajamas and an extra sweater to sleep in, as well as some thermal leggings, slippers, my three pairs of sunglasses, and of course underwear and socks.

We'll be gone for three weeks so I tried to choose pieces that would all go together so I could have the maximum amount of combinations with as little clothes as possible. If you count only the three sweaters, two jackets, and two jeans, you can make a total of 12 different outfits. That means I would only have to repeat outfits once assuming I don't find any cute thrifted pieces along the way (wink wink).

The sunglasses, hat, and scarf can also really change up a look so those will be great accessories to bring along that don't take up much space.

I'm definitely feeling a little underprepared for this trip. Since it was so last minute, I wish I had had a chance to buy a warmer jacket or coat, some nice boots and a new back pack. For now, we'll just have to make do without and worst case scenario, we can buy what we need when we're there (and hopefully secondhand).

Make sure to check out my full fall capsule wardrobe!

Or shop some pieces for your own capsule wardrobe below

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I live in Clearwater Florida and going to Ohio in November to spend the Holidays with families? Help! What to wear? What to pack? For 2 months?

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Amaya Bueno
Amaya Bueno
04 ott 2022
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I think the list above should be a good place to start. You likely wouldn't need a bathing suit and you'll probably need a couple of nice outfits if you're going to any holiday parties but otherwise, my best advice would be to bring pieces you can easily layer. I'm not sure how much snow Ohio gets so you may also need some good boots if there'll be a lot of snow.

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