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NEUTRAL WINTER CAPSULE WARDROBE | 26 piece minimal wardrobe + outfit ideas

I'm finally sharing my neutral minimal winter capsule wardrobe! You can watch the full video above to learn more about the individual pieces and to see some outfits in action. Otherwise, keep reading below!

My neutral winter capsule wardrobe is made up of 26 pieces:

  • two long sleeve shirts for layering

  • one loungewear set

  • two cardigans

  • six sweaters

  • four bottoms

  • four pairs of shoes

  • one hat and one headband

  • two scarves

  • and (not pictured below) one black puffer and a pair of gloves

Since some of my pieces are thrifted, I couldn't find images for the exact pieces but I tried to find images that looked very similar and have a similar vibe.


Something I love about capsule wardrobes is that you can come up with so many different outfits with very few pieces. On the right, are only a couple of outfits you can make with just one sweater. Just changing out the pants and shoes can change a look so much and that's not even taking into

consideration how you can change a look with other accessories! I have been having a lot of fun trying different combinations. This capsule wardrobe is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to try combinations that I might not have otherwise.

My advice for building a capsule, especially for a colder climate, is picking items that are of differing thickness. For example, I have three turtleneck/mockneck sweaters but they are all made of different materials and different thickness so some are warmer than others. Like this, I have options for warmer and colder days and can layer sweaters, if necessary. Same thing goes for pants. I have some very thin bottoms like the paper bag and linen pants and some thicker bottoms like the jeans. Also, for all the bottoms, I am able to layer either stockings or warm leggings underneath for extra warmth.

In the future, I would like to add a neutral puffer and a wool coat. I did try looking for some this season but I didn't find one that I liked enough to purchase so I will stay on the hunt for one I love. In the meantime, I can use my trusty old black puffer, which, while it doesn't match the aesthetic, works just fine and keeps me warm. Don't feel pressured to create a perfect wardrobe right away. It takes time to find pieces and build a wardrobe you love.

Here are some outwear options I'm considering

Let me know what outfit was your favorite and come follow me on instagram to see what other combinations I come up with!


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