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My Travel Uniform (What I Wear Every Time I Travel)

Often times traveling can be hectic and stressful. That's why I created my travel "uniform" so I have one less thing I need to worry about when traveling. Any time I travel, I know exactly what I'm going to wear and don't have to worry about putting an outfit together or feeling uncomfortable on the plane or car.

My travel uniform consists of the following:
• comfortable walking shoes
• a loose white t-shirt
• comfy beige joggers
• a weather appropriate sweater or cardigan
• a hairclip or scrunchie

I'll explain why I chose each one, how I adapt the uniform depending on where I am going, and some tips for creating your own travel uniform.

comfortable walking shoes

First and foremost, my most comfortable walking shoes. My go-to pair are my wool Allbirds (you can read my full review of these shoes here). They give me a lot of back support and they're breathable so I don't get uncomfortable even after walking around the airport and sitting on long flights. I also love them because I can wear them in both warm and cold weather and they are easy to slip on and off for airport security. The cream color also matches with most of my clothes so I don't have to pack multiple shoes.

a loose white t-shirt

A white t-shirt is a great option because it goes with literally anything. I prefer a loose fitting shirt because I can also use it as a pajama shirt, if necessary. This is my favorite t-shirt. I love it so much I have two white ones and a black one. If the weather will be a bit colder, I can easily swap it out for a white long sleeve shirt. This is my absolute favorite t-shirt

comfy beige joggers

My mom got me these joggers for Christmas last year and I LOVE them. They're super comfortable and the light color matches well with the shirt and shoes. I can also wear them while lounging around at hotels or as pajamas in colder weather.

a weather appropriate jacket or cardigan

I almost always choose a different jacket or cardigan as it really depends on my mood that day and what the weather will be like but I do make sure to pick outerwear that will match the outfits I've packed.

a hairclip or scrunchie

I don't know about you but I get really hot (but also really cold) on airplanes so I always like to have a hairclip or scrunchie so I can get my hair off my neck to feel a bit cooler.

some tips

When creating your own travel "uniform" here are a couple of things to consider:

• Pick weather appropriate options. The t-shirt can be swapped out for a tank top or long sleeve depending on where you are going. The cardigan can be thinner or thicker and the material can vary based on weather. For example, I wear this longer cardigan for colder weather and shorter thinner cardigans for warmer weather.
• Avoid shoes that are difficult to slip on and off. Airport security is a b*tch so the smoother you can make the process, the better.
• Opt for jackets or cardigans instead of closed sweaters. Closed sweaters are more difficult to take off in the tight confines of your airplane or car seat if you start getting too toasty.
• Whatever bottoms you choose, make sure they have pockets! Pockets make it so much more convenient for you to quickly tuck away your ID or phone during check-in and boarding.
• You don't need to do neutral colors. If you love dressing in bright colors or patterns, ROCK IT. For example, your uniform can be a patterned shirt and comfortable solid color pants. Then whenever you travel, you can swap out a different colored shirt and pants, if you wish.

Now that the holidays are coming up and we'll probably be doing a lot more traveling, it'll be the perfect time to give a travel uniform a try. If you try it out, let me know by posting a picture on instagram and tagging me or DM me a picture of your new travel uniform!


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