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neutral fall capsule wardrobe | 31 piece minimal wardrobe + outfit ideas

As a Miami girl, this is my first time ever experiencing a fall season. Since I don’t know what to expect weather-wise, I decided to pick several pieces that can be easily layered so I can remove layers if it’s warm and add layers if it’s cold.

My neutral + minimalist fall capsule wardrobe consists of the following 31 pieces:
• eight short sleeve tops
• seven sweaters
• two button up shirts
• four cardigans
• one hoodie
• one jacket
• four bottoms
• four pairs of shoes
My fall wardrobe was almost completely thrifted this year! Though I may not be able to share the exact pieces with you all, there are definitely pieces that I think are essential for a fall capsule wardrobe.

short sleeve tops

For my tops, I have a couple of t-shirts in different neutral colors, a brown bodysuit, a couple of nicer knit shirts and a puff sleeve top. These can be worn on their own for a quick outfit or layered under sweaters/cardigans if the weather is a bit cooler.


I LOVE wearing sweaters and I probably have too many but they’re a fall staple. For this capsule, I have two puff sleeve sweaters, a couple of mock neck sweaters + long sleeves. My latest obsession has been collared sweaters. They’re super cozy and look so chic! Lastly, I had to add a bit more fall spirit so I have a plaid sweater and a chenille sweater in a beautiful orangey color but you can add any sweater that gives you fall vibes.

button up shirts

Button up shirts are perfect for capsule wardrobes because you can wear them on their own or as a thin layer on top of a t-shirt. I included one brown plaid one and a beautiful rust colored one to my wardrobe.


Cardigans are another great layering piece. If they’re buttoned, you can wear them on their own as a top or unbuttoned over another top. I have two long thin cardigans, one large chunky cream cardigan and a cropped green cardigan all of which I love.

hoodies + jackets

Sometimes I just want to lounge around or run quickly out the door to walk my dog so having a zip up hoodie is perfect to just throw on. I have a green fleece one that is perfect for cozying up in. And so far it hasn’t been too too cold but I do have one plaid jacket that I can wear on its own or over lots of layer if I get cold. If where you live is a bit colder, you may also want to add a coat to you wardrobe. I linked one below that I would love to add to mine.


I almost always have four or five bottoms in my capsules and I find that it gives plenty of outfit combinations. I love wearing jeans so I have a pair of straight leg blue jeans, a pair of green wide leg jeans, and a pair of cream paper bag jeans. I also have a pair of brown gingham pants that I love. Since gingham pants are hard to find, plaid pants would also be perfect for the fall.


Four pairs of shoes finish up my capsule wardrobe. I have two pairs of sneakers, one pair of boots and one pair of slide sandals. I find that’s all I need for my lifestyle.

Remember that capsule wardrobes can be completely customized. Love lots of color? Your capsule doesn't have to be neutral and you can add more colors and fun prints. Live in a warmer or colder climate? Swap out some pieces so your wardrobe is more weather appropriate.

In my opinion, capsule wardrobe are meant to make getting dressed a bit easier but also a bit more fun since you can play around with different combinations.

Though I depended a lot on what I could find at the thrift store, here are some pieces I would add to my wardrobe if I was starting from scratch.

Let me know what outfit was your favorite and come follow me on instagram to see what other combinations I come up with!


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