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Pack with me for a week in the UK (Fall/Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe)

I just returned from a week long family trip to the UK and we had such a lovely time. I've shared what I pack for trips in the past and a lot of you seem to find it helpful for packing for your own trips so I figured I'd share what I packed for this trip. We traveled to Edinburgh and London and even though our trip was at the end of November, it was really chilly. Edinburgh, especially, was much colder than London, so I'm glad I went prepared for cold weather. I've packed before for a three-week fall trip to Europe so packing for this one was super light in comparison.

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My little travel capsule consisted of:

• two mockneck long sleeve sweaters
• two chunky sweaters
• two pairs of jeans (one cream + one blue)
• two pairs of thermal leggings
a cream puffer (it packs into a little bag!)
• a fluffy headband (similar)
• a pair of gloves (similar)
• a pair of cute boots + a pair of hiking boots (in retrospect, I should've just packed my hiking boots lol)

Not part of the capsule, I also brought along a pair of sweatpants, tshirt and hoodie (which are part of my travel uniform), a pair of pajamas, slippers, and of course underwear and socks.

TIP #1: plan to layer

When packing a little capsule wardrobe for travel, you want to choose pieces that not only go together in color and aesthetic but that also can be layered over and under each other. That way, you can adjust your wardrobe depending on how warm or cold it is. For example, in Edinburgh, where it was really cold, I wore one of my mock neck sweaters under my chunky sweater under my puffer. In London, where we had warmer days, I would wear only my sweater under my puffer and wouldn't wear any thermal leggings.

TIP #2: be prepared to get wet

The UK and Europe are pretty rainy in November so go prepared to get wet. Though I brought sneakers, we sprayed them with a water repellant spray so they wouldn't get wet which worked like magic. I also packed my hiking boots for our excursion and for really rainy days so I wouldn't worry at all about getting my feet wet. If it's not too cold, I recommend a rain jacket or umbrella but otherwise, make sure your puffer is water repellant so you don't end up drenched and cold.

TIP #3: you only need one (or two)

I always say to pack a little less than what you think you need. Even for my longer trips, I usually only have two bottoms (plus one that's part of my travel uniform). You don't really need that much especially if you have pieces that you can layer and that way you have extra space in your luggage for souvenir and other fun stuff. Plus, if you really find that you need something, you can always buy it once you're there. For example, I didn't think to pack my gloves but my hands were freezing off in Edinburgh so I just bought some at a local charity shop. For shoes, I also usually stick to a rule of only two pairs. I broke that rule for this trip to bring another pair of boots and I found that I didn't really need an extra pair, especially for such a short trip.



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