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Renter Friendly Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

I’ve been wanting to change up our bathroom for a while now. The last makeover I gave it was perfectly fine but I felt like my style has changed a lot since then and I wanted to give our bathroom a new spin. This is the space we use to start and end our day so I wanted it to feel more inviting and relaxing.

My hope with some of my makeovers is that it inspires you to make simple, budget friendly and renter friendly changes so you can love the home you're in. You don’t have to have a lot of money or be in your forever home to make a place feel more cozy and more you!

Now, let me show you how, with just a few changes and under $230, I transformed our bathroom into a small little oasis.

DISCLAIMER: Some links may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the below links, I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for your support!

faux limewash

First, I wanted to add texture to the walls. I saw a faux lime wash tutorial by Home Steen Home on Instagram and I thought it would be perfect for adding a spa like feel to this room. I already had two paint colors I could use so I just needed to buy some brushes. The process is simple: mix your two paint colors with a little water and pour them into a tray at the same time. Dip your brush in so that one half has one paint color and the other half the other. Then, paint X brush strokes, blending out the edges so there aren’t any harsh brush lines and that’s it! Very easy to do and incredibly forgiving so you can always adjust it as you go. You can use any colors you'd like and the best part is it's just paint so it's renter friendly and easy to cover up when you need to move out!

installing new hardware

I’ve always said that one of the simplest changes you can make to a space is changing out hardware. I had previously swapped out the cabinet handles with these black ones and rub n buffed them to give them a brass look. I still loved them so I left them as is but did swap out the light switch cover for a brass one and the toilet paper roll holder to this really cool one that flips up (I definitely decided to splurge a little on the toilet paper holder but you can find other more affordable options like this one). I already had hooks on the wall to hang my bathrobe but I swapped them out for some slightly larger ones I got from Hobby Lobby and I added a curtain rod so we can hang our towels to dry. The best part of these changes is they’re renter friendly and you can take them with you when you move out into your next home!

DIY hidden jewelry box

I needed somewhere to store my growing Ana Luisa jewelry collection (use my code AMAYABUENO20 for 20% off!) so I bought this shadow box and decided to turn it into a secret jewelry box. First, I painted it with acrylic black paint but you can leave it as is if you like the color. I also bought these brass tacks that I used to hold the jewelry pieces in place. I love the idea of using a shadow box because you can add pins anywhere and adjust them depending on how many pieces you have so you can change it up depending on your needs. And of course you could leave it like this as a jewelry box but I wanted to hide it in plain sight and turn it into a piece of art. I found this art at a thrift store, added a mat, popped it in and voila! A hidden storage system for your jewelry that doubles as art for your bathroom.

the finishing touches

Last but not least, some finishing touches! Aside from the jewelry box, I added some more art pieces to our bathroom. I found the plaster art piece on Facebook Marketplace but I’ve seen others make similar ones with joint compound. I also got the little print from a book and used my favorite mod podge trick on it to make it look like an oil painting.

This room is mostly neutral but I love green and I thought the pop of color from the towels would work well with the spa vibe. I also added some faux plants to add a natural element since our bathroom doesn't get any natural light.

I also bought some new soap + lotion dispensers and finished off the room with a beautiful checkered rug that’s really soft so it’s perfect for when you’re barefoot.

cost breakdown

I tried to keep this little makeover on a budget so I only bought new things I really needed and used decor I already had to finish it off.

Here's what I bought specifically for the project:

two brushes for faux limewash $26.20
shadow box - $24.02
toilet paper holder - $28.52
rug - $60.45
curtain rod + new towels - $53.27
soap + lotion dispensers - $30
new hooks - $3

total project cost = $225.46

And of course, you can make this project even more budget friendly sourcing more pieces from your local thrift store or Facebook Marketplace!


But that's the final look! I'm so happy with how it turned out and I feel more at ease and relaxed when I enter our bathroom now. What do you think? Did I succeed with the spa vibes?

Look at this before and after!


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