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bathroom makeover for $200

You may have seen our guest bathroom makeover (which was the first room in our apartment that I ever made over) but its been several months since then I finally got around to giving our main bathroom a makeover. If I've learned one thing about decorating a new home, it's that it takes time and patience so after over 6 months of living in our apartment, we finally have a nice bathroom for ourselves. Below are all the things I used in my bathroom makeover in case you're interested in anything for yourselves! Plus, I'm breaking down everything we did to the bathroom to add a little charm.

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mini gallery wall

This was one of the first things I knew I wanted to add to this room. I already had some thrifted frames so I just gave them a quick makeover by spray painting them black and rub n buffing them with my favorite European Gold Run N Buff. This is the first time I try a more matchy matchy gallery wall and I love how cohesive all the frames look. I found some prints online and had them printed out at Walgreens and then I did my usual trick to turn the glossy prints into faux oil paintings. If you need some more advice on setting up your own gallery wall, check out this blog post.

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the shelf

I originally thrifted this shelf for $5 to use in our entryway but I didn't like how it fit in that space so I repurposed it for our bathroom. I gave it a fresh coat of paint (Black Magic by Sherwin Williams) and added beadboard wallpaper to our wall to create a faux backing. If you want some advice on installing beadboard wallpaper, check out this blog post! This shelf added some much needed decor and also a little extra storage space.

cabinet handles

A super easy way to change up the look of a space is simply swapping out the handles. I swapped out the original modern silver handles for some more farmhouse style black handles. However, the black handles didn't match the style I was going for so I rub n buffed them with my favorite European Gold Run N Buff and they fit the space perfectly.

cost breakdown

I always try to save money on home decor especially since this isn't our forever home. The most expensive purchase for this room was the rug which came out to $51 on sale. However, you can definitely find cheaper rug options like the ~$20 rug I originally planned on using (make sure you watch the video below to see why I didn't end up loving it). The second most expensive item were the faux plants but I think they were worth the price point considering how great they look. Alternatively, you can find some cheaper options at Hobby Lobby that still look pretty realistic. Otherwise, what made this makeover budget friendly was that I used and repurposed a lot of items we already owned. Shopping my own home saved me a lot of money specially on decor.

things I bought for the makeover

• prints: $7.50
• frames: $8 (thrifted)
• shelf: $5 (thrifted)
• paint: $10 (Black Magic by Sherwin Williams)
faux plants: $28
tan hand towels: $14
• hanging basket: $5
square basket: $13
candle: $6
small vase: $6
riser: $12.50
handles: $20
rug: $51
hooks: $3

total project cost = $207

This makeover goes to show you that you don't need to have a massive transformation in a space to make it more homey and more you. Just adding a couple of renter friendly + budget friendly touches to a room can really add a lot of character and personality. There are still a lot of things I don't love about this bathroom like the flooring and the purple speckled counters but I'm grateful we have a nice home and I at least did what I could to make it a little more my style.

Let me know what you think of the makeover and watch the full process below!


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