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3 easy valentine's day diys

I don't usually decorate for Valentine's Day but this year I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to create some really simple, inexpensive decor and I came up with these three easy diys! They're perfect for neutral + rustic valentine's day decor! I hope you'll try them out for yourself!

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no-sew heart garland

This project was the first I came up with and I wrote a separate blog post for it that you can read here.

faux stone heart box

You'll need:
heart box
• white + gray or beige paint
• baking soda
• brush

Mix together white paint and baking soda to form a thicker gritty paint. Brush paint on to cover the box. Depending on the color of your box, you may have to do more than one coat. You can also add additional coats for more texture. While the paint is still a little wet, use the sponge to dab gray or beige paint until you get the desired stone look. Make sure to dab gently so the paint doesn't come off since it'll still be wet. Use the brush to swipe at the sponged areas to give it a more worn, less perfect look. It's optional but you can use a matte spray paint to seal the box.

mini rattan heart garland

You'll need:

Cut a couple of small pieces of wire (about 2 inches). Pass wire piece through two hearts and twist to hold them together. Try to keep the hearts flat so they don't overlap each other. Tuck the ends of the wire into the vines or flatten them against the heart so they're not super visible. Connect as many hearts as you'd like to make your garland and you’re done!

Don't want to make your own Valentine's decor? Shop some cute options instead!


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