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entryway makeover under $200

I'm so excited to finally be sharing our entryway makeover with you all! I wanted to walk you through how we did it and give you a cost breakdown in case you are interested in doing something similar for yourselves!

DISCLAIMER: Some links may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the below links, I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for your support!

the pendant light

I thrifted this beautiful rattan lampshade in Michigan when I visited my sister. When I bought it, I had no idea what I was going to use it for but for $3 I could not pass it up. Once we decided to do this entryway makeover, I figured the lampshade could work as a pendant light to add a little more brightness to our dark little hall. Hanging the pendant light was really simple. We used this pendant hanging kit from World Market, which was on sale and it came with everything we needed to install. To keep the cable hidden, we used these command hooks to string the light around our little closet door and down to the baseboard so the cable would be out of sight. The command hooks are also renter friendly so we didn't have to make more holes than necessary just to pin down the cable.

the shelves

After weeks of searching through Facebook Marketplace without any luck, I finally decided to buy some shelves from Hobby Lobby. I waited for the usual sale on wall decor and bought these white shelves for half off. I loved that they were a little rustic and worn down and thought the white would look nice against our greige wall. We also wanted shelves that were big enough to hold several things but that wouldn't stick out so much that it would be dangerous or cumbersome to walk by and these were perfect.

the faux beadboard wall + peg rail

The faux beadboard wall was the highlight of the makeover. I wrote a whole blog post about applying the faux beadboard wallpaper that you can read here. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be which was great because we were wallpaper virgins. The next day, once the wallpaper was completely dry, we installed the peg rails. I originally wanted to install individual pegs but that would mean a lot of holes so we went for the more renter friendly option and bought some peg rails instead. I wanted the wall to feel custom built and seamless so I wanted peg rails that would take up the entire width of the wall. I scoured the internet for peg rails that would fill up or at least approximate the width of our wall and found these from H & M. I liked the original color and considered leaving them as is but one of the rails was stained very weird and splotchy and I didn't. like how the rail broke up the wall so I decided to continue with my original plan and paint them. I felt if the wall and peg rails were all painted the same color, it would elongate the wall and give it a very custom, "we paid a lot of money for this" look and I think it definitely worked. Our only issue with mounting the peg rails were the studs on either end of the wall. We're trying to avoid drilling into studs since this is a rental and we don't have the proper tools so we decided to screw the middle screws in but use command strips on the outer parts were the studs would prevent us from drilling. So far they are holding up super well and I've accidentally leaned on them while I was painting. I think it'll be a strong hold for our winter coats as the peg rails feel more secure than the one we previously had that was completely screwed in. Even though we actually did the beadboard wallpaper first and everything else over a weekend, it took me like another week or two to decide what color I wanted to paint the wall so the wall was actually the last thing to get finished. I originally wanted to paint the wall white so it could feel a little brighter but I ended up hating the color so my husband suggested doing an accent wall instead and I didn't need too much convincing. I've always wanted to paint a wall green so I went with At Ease Solider by Sherwin Williams and I think it looks perfect in our space. While it doesn't completely brighten up the space, it does give it a bit of moodiness and looks more intentional than the white did.

cost breakdown

You all know I love to save money so I was only going to do this project if it was affordable and it definitely was. It probably would have been a bit cheaper if we already had some of the supplies but since we were buying everything new including some tools, it was a bit more expensive but still under $200. I also could have probably saved a bit more money by buying the shelves and peg rails on Facebook Marketplace but I spent weeks searching for some and had no luck so I decided to just buy them new (though I did wait for the shelves to be on sale at Hobby Lobby at least).


shelves - $50 ($24 each)
peg racks - $26 ($13 each)
wallpaper - $34.50 (for one roll but used less than half)
• paint - $7 (for a pint; color Sherwin Williams "At Ease Soldier")
paint shield - $8
• paint roller - $5
• pendant light - $4.50 for pendant hanging kit + $3 for lamp shade (thrifted)
+ $7 for command hooks = $16.50

total = $152

I also noticed that I rarely see decor included in makeover cost breakdowns so I figured I would share mine as decor is usually a big part of the budget and really makes the final product. Below are the things I specifically bought to decorate the shelves. Everything else we already had and I just shopped my home for things to use as decor.

• jug - $7.50
dough bowl - $10
wood vase - $10
• ceramic pot - $3 (thrifted)
• cutting board - $12.50
• green vase - $3 (thrifted)
• wicker containers - $10 (thrifted)

decor total = $56

total project cost = $208

And look at this before and after! I think it was definitely worth the $200.

Let me know what you thought of the makeover and watch the full process below!


This looks so beautiful!! I’ve been wanting to add shelves over my coffee bar but I can’t use hooks. Did you use command hooks to hang the shelves?

Amaya Bueno
Amaya Bueno
Jul 03, 2023
Replying to

No, I used screws for the shelves. The shelves are pretty light weight though so I think you can get away with not using anchors and that would make the holes easier to patch up. Depending on what you're planning to put on the shelf, I wouldn't use command hooks in case the shelves become too heavy and the command hooks aren't strong enough to hold.

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