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diy no-sew heart garland

I love a quick and easy diy and this is so simple to put together with some materials you may already have on hand! 🤍

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You'll need:

white felt or any cute fabric

stuffing (I used some from an old pillow)

• marker to outline shape

twine or other string for hanging



- Cut a piece of fabric about the size of the heart you want and fold in half. Draw half a heart shape and cut it out. When you unfold it, you’ll have a symmetrical heart. You can use this as a template so that all your hearts come out the same. Cut out twice as many hearts as you'd like on your garland. For example, my garland has 5 hearts so I cut out 10 hearts.

- Once you’ve cut out all your hearts, start glueing them one on top of another leaving a small hole at the bottom for filling. Try to glue as close to the edge as possible so the shape is even once you stuff.

- Stuff your hearts. I used stuffing from an old pillow but you can also buy fill or use scraps of fabric to stuff your hearts. If you have trouble reaching the top, use a stick or pencil to push the filling in. Be careful not to overfill so the heart doesn’t open up. Once you've filled it to your liking, close up the hearts with more hot glue.

TIP: Since it's hard to glue the hearts perfectly on top of each other, you can trim any excess felt that may be peeking out from either side once you've closed your hearts up.

- Measure a piece of string or twine and lay all your hearts out to get an idea of how far apart you'd like them to be. Then, glue the hearts onto the string. I placed glue along three spots a little over the middle of the heart that way the heart doesn’t flip when it’s hung.

- Make a loop on either end of your string for hanging and you're all done!

Such a cute and simple little DIY perfect for Valentine's Day!

More of a visual person? Check out the reel on instagram!


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