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easy high end looking diy fall decor

Happy fall everyone! I wanted to share some very easy diy fall decor ideas with y'all that you can make for your home. These projects are budget friendly but look so high end! Some are even dupes for Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel pieces! And the best part is they are so quick and easy you can do all of them in one afternoon!

DISCLAIMER: Some links may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the below links, I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for your support!

pumpkin candle holders

You'll need:
• paint (optional)

These easy little pumpkin candle holders are perfect for fall decor and halloween!

First, remove the stem from the pumpkin. Using the exacto knife, carefully carve out a hole where the stem was, removing the styrofoam from the inside until there's enough space for the candle to fit. Stick your candle in and you’re done!

If you don't like the original color of the pumpkin, you can paint it any other color you like. You can also cut out a bigger hole for tea lights instead of candlesticks! I don't recommend using real candles unless you flatten out the bottom of the pumpkins because they may tip over. You can also try this DIY out with real mini pumpkins!

These would be fun to do for a little fall party with friends or as a way to relax at home.

Pottery Barn pumpkin pillow dupe

You'll need:
• stuffing (optional)
• faux stem or wire (optional)
I’ve been searching for a dupe for the Pottery Barn pumpkin pillow but I couldn’t find one that was big enough. I had seen some people make their own pumpkin pillow dupes but I’m a very lazy DIYer and barely know how to sew so instead I went the extremely easy route and transformed a premade pumpkin pillow I found on Amazon!

Here's a step-by-step guide to how I transformed the pillow:

1. My stem was not filled properly on my pillow so I cut it open and added extra stuffing but this is optional if your stem is already properly filled.
2. Since I already had the stem cut open, I glued a wire stem from an old faux floral piece I had to give the stem a bit more support and so I could bend it to look more like the Potter Barn one. This is also optional.
3. The color of my stem was bright orange and I didn't want any of the color to peek through the twine so I first wrapped some burlap ribbon around the stem and glued it in place. That way, if I didn't line up the twine perfectly, you would just see the brown of the burlap ribbon.
4. Starting at the base, I started glueing the twine down. I used a thin twine but I think a thicker twine will look better and make the process faster, Take your time with this part so you have as little of the stem peeking through as possible.
5. Before you get to the top of the stem, cut a little piece of burlap ribbon and stick it to the top. This will give it the same finish as the Pottery Barn one!
6. Finish glueing the twine around the top edge of the stem, cut off the excess and you're done!

Now I have a pumpkin pillow that looks just as good as the Pottery Barn one, is just as big and the best part was it only cost me $25 for the 14 inch pumpkin pillow because I already had the other materials on hand! I’ll share a step by step guide to how I made over this pillow in a blog post later this week!

Crate & Barrel paper mache pumpkin dupe

You'll need:
• white paint
• baking soda
• paint brush

Last year, Crate and Barrel had some beautiful paper mache pumpkins that I wasn’t able to buy so this year I decided to make my own dupes! I bought some paper mache pumpkins and then I did the classic baking soda hack to give them a bit more texture. Simply mix together some white paint with baking soda to get a thicker consistency and paint on. Depending on how much baking soda you use, you'll get an almost stone like texture!

woodland inspired fall centerpiece

You'll need:
• foam mushrooms (from Hobby Lobby)
• candle holders of your choice

This year I’ve been gravitating towards a lot of woodland themed fall decor so I decided to lean into it and make a simple woodland inspired fall center piece for our kitchen island. This is such an easy diy!

First, I placed my two thrifted pine cone candlestick holders in the center of the bowl. You can use any type of candle holders you like but I thought the pine cones fit the theme perfectly! I didn’t want to damage the bowl since I wanted to be able to reuse the bowl in the future so I used some sticky tack to stick mushrooms randomly around the candles. Then, I added the moss around the candle holders and mushrooms and placed the mini pine cones all over. And that’s it! A simple woodland inspired fall centerpiece!

There you have it! Some beautiful and inexpensive high end fall decor! These would be fun to do during an afternoon with friends or family or for some nice relaxing alone time at home. They're all super customizable so feel free to play around with them and if you try any of these diys for yourself, tag me on instagram. I'd love to see what you all create!


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