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thrift stores near cleveland, ohio

I recently came back from a trip with my sister to Cleveland, Ohio. We were in an area called Fairview to the west of Cleveland that has a bunch of thrift stores in close proximity to each other so it was super easy to do a couple of stores each day. I found so many gems, which I shared over on my Youtube channel, but I wanted to share the stores I shopped at in case you are in the area and want to visit them for yourselves.
Here are all the places I visited in order of how much I liked each store:

This place was awesome! They have daily sales, which I always appreciate, and it is very well organized by section. They also have little display areas for different holidays or themes. This is where I found the majority of my things and everything was pretty cheap. If I lived in the area, I could see this being my favorite go-to store.

Such a cool store! They sell vintage and antique pieces as well as handmade gifts. Most antique pieces are priced reasonably. I honestly could've done a lot more damage at this store if I wasn't limited to just a suitcase.

This little thrift shop is set up in an old house. I loved hearing it's history and I found some really unique, vintage pieces. They had a ton of beautiful things I would've scooped up if I had the space. The day I went they had a buy one get one free sale so if that's a regular offer, it's definitely worth checking this place out.

My first time going to a Savers did not disappoint. I found a bunch of nice decor pieces and they had very large, well organized sections. I was also surprised to find so many vintage books. I believe they have a loyalty program as well.
This store was not as good as the other location, in my opinion. The items felt a bit more outdated (and not in a fun vintage kind of way) but I was still able to find some cool pieces. The prices are similar to the other store so definitely a good deal and worth checking out if you're in the area.

Definitely a store where you have to do a bit more rummaging but I did find some nice pieces. The prices are a bit higher but you can still get some good deals on clothing and some home decor pieces. Paintings and artwork are very expensive so I wouldn’t bother buying those here.

I found a couple of gems at this store. They had a some nice linens and pillows and some really nice baskets and other trinkets. This is also where I hit the jackpot and found my little spice rack and a ton of clothing. The Goodwills in some areas have reward programs so that's worth looking into!

Home decor was more expensive here though I did see a couple of cool crocks and beautiful baskets. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to stop here but it's right across the street from the Salvage Yard so you can stop by and have a quick look while you're in the area.


These stores were amazing and they're just scratching the surface. We didn't even visit any stores further south and east of Cleveland! I'm definitely considering making another trip here so if you're from the Cleveland area, let me know your favorite thrift stores! I might plan another thrift trip and I would love to visit some other stores you recommend.

Don't forget to check out the full haul below!


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