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thrift flip - cabinet makeover for only $10

I found this cabinet at a Goodwill for $10 and I could not pass it up for that price. I had no idea where I was going to put it but I couldn’t resist a little thrift flip. I went back and forth on how to transform it for a while but since it wasn’t real wood, I figured painting it would be the best and easiest way.

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I started off by removing the stickers and tape and giving it a good clean. I taped down the glass on the doors and removed them so they would be easier to paint.

Since the cabinet was not real wood, I decided to prime it before painting. I used the Zinsser Shellac Primer, which is the same one we used for our nightstands and dresser makeovers.

I couldn’t decide on a color so I figured I would use what I already had. This beautiful green color is At Ease Soldier by Sherwin Williams and is the same color I used for the entryway makeover.

Once the paint had dried, I did a couple of coats of seal and used Antique Gold Rub n' Buff on the handles and VOILA!

I love that a little paint can make such a HUGE difference and it goes to show you that not all makeovers or thrift flips have to be expensive if you just use what you already have.

Watch the full process below!


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