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Spring Travel Capsule for Europe (Pack with me for a week in Croatia!)

I recently took a trip to Croatia and I wanted to share what I brought along with me in case you're packing for your own upcoming trips! Spring is always a tricky time to pack for because you can have both warm days and chilly days so I love packing a capsule wardrobe because you can mix, match and layer depending on the weather each day.

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Check out the video below to see everything I packed!

Here's the breakdown of my travel capsule wardrobe for this trip:

• a long sleeve knit top
• an oversized graphic tee
• a cropped black tank
• a baby tee
• a cute short sleeve top
• a knit sweater
• a crewneck
• two linen pants
• a pair of jeans
• a pair of denim shorts
• a pair of sweatpants
• a jean jacket
• a bathing suit
• a pair of sneakers + a pair of sandals
• a black purse + a cream fur purse
• two pairs of sunglasses

Not part of the capsule, I also brought along a pair of sweatpants as part of my travel uniform, a pair of pajamas, slippers, and of course underwear and socks.

And of course, everything fits inside a carry-on for easy travel!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see some of the outfits I put together!

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