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our apartment - one year later

It’s been about one year since we moved to Tennessee and into our new apartment so I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane and see how our apartment looked when we first moved in and how it looks now. Making a place home definitely takes a lot of time and effort so I wanted to celebrate the progress we’ve made so far though there is still a long way to go.

living room

Our living room has definitely seen the most change. We lived in it for almost a month with nothing until our old furniture arrived. Once it did, the room felt so dark and sad with the dark flooring, dark couch, dark table and dark tv console. We decided this would be the first room we invested in so after a couple of months of saving up, we finally bought a new couch and new tv consoles and it changed the room completely! It’s still the darkest room in our apartment but it feels so much brighter with the light colored couch and rug. Some updates I'd like to make in the new year: adding a painting over the couch, hiring an electrician to wire the pendant light, and maybe buying a new floor lamp.

office/guest bedroom

This is the last room in our apartment I worked on. It took me a while to finally decide what I wanted to do in here since I wanted it to be a functional office but also be comfortable for our guests. I made a whole video + blog post about this makeover so make sure to check them out! It's also the one room my husband has a space to call his own and express himself since I make most of the design decisions in the rest of the apartment.


The kitchen has undergone a bunch of little changes. The biggest one was swapping out our stools for these gorgeous cross back chairs. We also removed two doors so we could have a bit of open shelving. I’ve swapped out the runner in here a couple of times but I want to find a cute comfort mat since I have a bad back and spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen. I also want to add an entryway table to the innermost wall but I haven’t had any luck finding one on Facebook Marketplace so we might have one custom built. Another minor change that added a bit of character was swapping out the boxy silver handles for some gold ones. This is a really inexpensive and quick renter friendly update you can make to any room!


This was and still is hands down my favorite project we’ve done in the apartment. We spent less than $200 on a simple entryway makeover but it added so much character. And can you believe that beadboard is removable wallpaper?! You can learn about installing your own faux beadboard wallpaper here or read the details and cost breakdown of the full entryway makeover here.


And the last room yet to be finished is our bedroom. We recently added a console table on the opposite wall which I set up my little christmas village on but there's still a lot left to do in here. I still need to cover up the projector cables now that we installed this new shelf and I want to swap out our nightstands for something more my style. I'd also like to add a reading chair or a mirror next to our console table to finish off the room.

But that wraps up my little apartment tour one year later! I hope you enjoyed seeing how much these spaces have changed. I'm excited to do this again a year from now to see how much progress we make turning this little apartment into our home. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube channel to follow along our journey!

I try to link as much as I can on my LTK but if you need any specific links, send me a DM on Instagram or shoot me an email and I'd be happy to help you!


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