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simple faux fireplace makeover

Since last winter, we’ve been wanting a little fireplace for our home. I searched for a long time on Facebook marketplace but many of them were too small and too expensive. Finally, the summer rolled around so fireplaces where at a discount price and we found an electric fireplace that would be perfect.

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Though we loved the size and faux brick of the fireplace, the color didn't match the apartment's aesthetic. But considering the discounted price, I decided to order it anyways and give it a bit of a makeover. After going down a Pinterest spiral of fireplace inspo, I finally decided to paint the fireplace white. I did consider painting the top black for a while and we lived with it like that for some time but ultimately decided the all white look was more of what I was going for. The white we used was Alabaster by Sherwin Williams, which is the perfect creamy white. I didn't prime the fireplace and simply gave it a good wipe down before going straight in with the paint. Once dry, I did use a seal on the top since that area would be more high traffic with me constantly changing out decor. So far, we've had it for a couple of months and the paint has held up really well.

We’ll probably rearrange furniture around in our living room when Christmas comes so that the fireplace can be front and center but for now we have it off to the side blocking a door that we don't have access to. It's a nice addition to our living room and really brightened up the space while giving it a cozy vibe. Paint is such a simple way to transform a piece and I am loving how it turned out. I can’t wait to style the fireplace throughout the seasons and enjoy the vibe and warmth in the colder months.

Watch the full before and after here!

Want to see my simple fall fireplace styling? Check out this reel!

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