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easy diy rustic fall decor

Happy fall everyone! I wanted to share some cute diy rustic fall decor you can make for your home. These projects are budget friendly and are so quick and easy you can do all of them in under an hour.

DISCLAIMER: Some links may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the below links, I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for your support!

cinnamon candles

You'll need:
• cinnamon sticks
• rubber bands

This little project is super easy to do and it smells amazing! Wrap a rubber band around a faux candle then insert cinnamon sticks in the rubber band until they've completely surrounded the candle. Use a bit of twine to wrap around the rubber band and tie a pretty bow. The twine serves as a little accent but also hides the rubber band. You can also use ribbon instead of twine. I don't recommend using real candles for this project as they could easily burn the cinnamon.

pine cone garlands + acorn bell garland

You'll need:
pine cone garland
Create a little loop at the end of the twine by folding the twine in half and tying
a knot. This loop is for you to hang your garland. Cut the twine to your desired
garland width then tie another loop on the opposite end. Use a hot glue gun to
glue the pine cones to the twine. I alternated which side the pine cones faced
and spaced them out a bit but you can glue them in whatever pattern you'd

mini pine cone garland
Tie a loop at the end of the twine and cut desired length. Tie a knot at the end
of the twine. This is just so it doesn't unravel but if you like the unraveled look, you
can leave the twine as is and even fluff up the ends so it looks little more like it's
coming undone. Glue the mini pine cones to the twine. Fill in any gaps by
glueing additional pine cones on top of other pine cones.

acorn bell garland
Tie a loop at the end of the twine and cut twine to desired length. Pass a bell
through the twine until it's where you'd like it to be then tie a knot. This is so the
bell doesn't move around on the garland. Add another bell, move it into
position, then tie a knot. Add as few or as many bells as you'd like. At the end, tie
the remainder of the twine into another loop for hanging.

pumpkin candle holders

You'll need:
• paint (optional)

Remove the faux stem from the pumpkin. You may want to consider keeping the stems for future projects. I used one of the faux candles to create an indent on the pumpkin so I knew how large the hole would have to be but you can also use a pencil to mark the size of the hole. Using the utility knife, carefully cut out the hole removing the styrofoam from the inside until there's enough space for the candle to fit. If you don't like the original color of the pumpkin, you can paint it any other color. I don't recommend using real candles unless you flatten out the bottom of the pumpkins. Otherwise, they may tip over. You can also make tea light versions by cutting out a wider hole.

And that's it! I absolutely love quick and easy DIYs and these did not disappoint. I did all of them in less than an hour so it would be fun to do during an afternoon with friends or family or for some nice relaxing alone time at home. They're all super customizable so feel free to play around with them and if you try any of these diys for yourself, tag me on instagram. I'd love to see what you all create!



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